America and Muslim World

America is an unprecedented super power of the world today. The Second World War subsided the countries like Britain, France, Germany and Japan previously known as big powers and this role was assumed by U.S.A and U.S.S.R. America sustained no serious loss in the war and thus became a super power. U.S.S.R assumed the title on account of its huge land, resources and above all million of dedicated communist workers to run the government machinery and keep the integrity of the country intact. Owing to their conflicting economics approaches, both the countries had a rivalry with each other. This rivalry was further intensified due to Russian policy of expansionism and its desire to bring communist revolution in the world under its own leadership. America took it as a justification to counter the Russian threat to whole independent world. This cold war lingered on for forty years till the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. The factors that led to the America success and Soviet defeat would be discussed indirectly here, as the subject requires a detailed discussion.

Super power’s psychology:

A super power always has a psychological desire to retain its dominance as a super power at every cost.

This is a world of struggle. Every nation and every individual endeavors to survive in a position of dominance as the fittest always survives. Hence those who excel others by virtue of struggle and try to retain their status are fully justified.

The factors that maintain a super power and those that led to its downfall:

History has witnessed rise and fall of several nations. A nation having reached the zenith of fame in past might have drowned in the river of oblivion today. There are several main factors that strike a nation with rise or fall suddenly or gradually.

General ethics:

There are some basic qualities that guarantee the integrity and solidarity of a nation. Such qualities, if attained in sublimity can bless a nation with the noblest position. The very first quality is a conviction with one’s land and ideology with a proud and bold association with the society. The second quality is equality among human beings and the existence of a democratic culture, which brings confidence and sense of participation among its inhabitants. Third quality is education and excellence in science and technology, fourth justices and honesty and fifth one is merit. Sixth quality is hard work and respect for it. The eighth quality is the healthy spirit of serving the oppressed class, ninth is wisdom and promotion of dialogue in the society whereas the tenth quality is the overall patience in the nation.

All these qualities are will integrated in the absence of any one of these can weaken the society and nations, among all these qualities, the most striking one is the democratic culture. In the absence of this quality the different aspects of a society are weakened. The fall of the old monarchies in history reveals that they were not accountable to any one and had no treat to there thrones due to there hierarchal system, hence there absolute status, there corruption and there lack of concern towards the affairs of the states lessened the inhabitant’s love for the country and its law which resulted in the total chaos. The dismemberment of the soviet rule in the recent past was also due to lack of a democratic culture, the country made a tremendous progress in the beginning under the ideological banner of communism, later the corruption centralization of power in a few hands, lack of accountability and dishonesty in fused, disappointment among masses and the state become so hollow from inside that it could not sustain even a small blow of afghan crises on the other side, American suffered greater in loss in Vietnam but it did not affect the country in a greater magnitude.

Democracy has such a sustainable strength that a democratic country may loss its status of a super power due to some temporary phenomena but it never collapses absolutely, for example Germany, Japan, Italy, France and Britain had under gone a major setback in the second world war but can still be rated big powers the gross national product of each of these countries is greater then that of the whole Muslim world.

Muslims in America

Science and Technology:

It is necessary to excel in science and technology through a remarkable success in the fields of agricultural, industry, physics and defence etc, in the order to attain and sustain the status of a super power, obviously, it is a vital issue for a super power to again and apply the most advanced information in every field, there is no doubt that all super powers do there best to do that, it was technology that enabled British, French, Portuguese and Dutch forces to bring a huge area of the Muslim world and Afro Asian countries in the 17th and 18th countries under there subjugation that continued till the med 19th country, the same granted an edge to the British over Sirajuddaula, Sultan Tipu and the freedom fighters in 1857. This difference was the decisive factor in the war between the Sikhs in Syed Ahmad Shaheed. It was the same technology that benefits America in its war against USSR in Afghanistan when the Americans managed to end the Soviet supremacy in the air combat by hitting Russian helicopters with the help of stinger missiles. The British defeated Argentina in Falkland and the Americans devastated the Taliban through the power of technology.

It is noteworthy that the traitors like Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq were born among the Muslims and not among the advanced nations. Obviously such traitors side with the dominating forces seeing their edge in the field of the technology and betray their own nation. Thus, a nation desirous of acquiring a noble and strong position must excel in science and technology.

Natural Factors and the advancement of time:

Some natural factors and the onward progress of time also play their role in the rise and fall of different nations.

Some countries may become super powers by virtue of their large population, big area and rich resources. U.S.A, USSR and China are the best examples of this phenomenon. Such a country may not continue to be a super power due to some reasons but it does not collapse absolutely.